If your child has been referred for speech therapy. Some therapy activities that you can try at home, according to his level.

Level 1-

1.Words not present.

2.Only few sounds are present.

3.Understands basic commands only given by care takers.

Suggested activities-

1.Play activities- Things required Animal toys (cat, dog, lion, horse, duck)

Let him know by picking up “Dog” and say “bow bow”. Speak to your child this is a “Dog”and dog says “bow- bow”. Try doing same sound 2-10 times and ask him “Dog” says- “Bow-bow”

In the same way you can introduce “Cat-meow”


how do the “Horse run- Tick-tock”.

“Duck” -“Quack quack”

Show him/her videos of animal sounds.

Show pictures of these animals and duck and ask your child to point ‘Dog’, ‘Cat’ and so on.

While pointing initially everytime you make sound of the same animal he is pointing.

After sometime you can ask him to make sound.

Try that much and wait for my next goal of therapy class.

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