blowing bubblesBlowing bubbles activity to teach b sound

 Vocabulary development

Activity 1- Blowing bubbles 



Blowing bubbles is a fun and engaging activity for the kids. It is a good activity for joint attention. Children can learn different new vocabulary- blow, bubbles, pop, going up, so many bubbles, wow, look, yay, more etc. While blowing bubbles and of course blowing can be learnt.  


Blow bubbles and ask your child to pop the bubbles and say ‘pop’. After blowing ask them to look up and say “look so many bubbles are going up, up, up”. your child will look ‘up’ ask him to say ‘up’


 Ask your child if he wants to see more or pop more. When you play with him bubbles he will immediately get fully engaged with you, become happy, he will try to express and speak something ultimately. 


Doing this activity on a regular basis, you will see your child will definitely start speaking words that you are using everyday. 

Remember to use the same words every time.  

Let me know the results.



Activity 2. Matching game

Matching can be taught in different ways. Let’s start with the

 Matching of object to object 

while playing with the kitchen objects.  Ask your child to keep one bowl inside the other bowl. Keep one plate on the other plate. Give me same spoon as I have. Let’s keep cup with the cup on the table. Where is the glass, give me . Praise your child when he matches correct objects. On wrong attempts model the correct way. You can add more items in matching same objects. Through this activity your child is learning:

 1. concept of ‘same’, 

  2. Names of kitchen objects

  3.  Other vocabulary- give me, keep, let’s play etc

  4. Sitting span increases

   5. Auditory skills

   6. Playing with toys ( you can use real objects or kitchen toys)

You can play Matching games by different things that are available in your house

1. onion, potato segregation in different baskets

2. Apple and orange segregation in different bowls

3. Colours matching by stacking cup game 

4. Shapes matching game.

Once your child mastered matching object to object (concrete items ). He is ready to match picture to picture


Activity 3. 

Matching picture to picture game:

Coming soon











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