What is Articulation therapy- How to speak /l/ sound clearly?

Articulation is the word to describe, how you pronounce the speech sounds clearly. If a person is not speaking the sounds clearly it is said ‘misarticulation‘ with a specific sound.

In case /l/ sound is not clear, and a child or an adult may substitute another sound or omit the target sound. Then he or she needs to learn the correct pronunciation through the techniques.

Here are the steps of learning /l/ sound articulation

  1. Tongue placement of Target sound which is /l/ here
  2. /l/ sound at CVCV level
  3. At initial level in words
  4. Middle level in words
  5. Final level in words
  6. Initial level in phrases
  7. Middle level in phrases
  8. Final level in phrases
  9. All sound levels in sentences
  10. /l/ sound in stories
  11. In structured communication
  12. Target sound in spontaneous communication

Articulation therapy- How to speak /l/ sound clearly

Strategies to pronounce /l/ sound

Tongue placement technique-

Children start speaking, this sound around the age of 2 years, but they master it clearly at all the positions by the age of 5 years. To learn /l/ first sit in front of a mirror with your child, so that your child can get visual and auditory feedback.

Then touch your tip of the tongue behind the upper teeth and let the air flow while saying the sound /l/. You need to do it a few times and make your child practice through the repetition. Repetition works very well with the articulation.Repetition works very well with the articulation

After doing this activity, your child master the tongue placement and he or she can start articulating it clearly at the sound level, now you need to go on another step.

2. Consonant- vowel level(CVCV level)

Now practice it in two simple steps:

a) CV level- la, li, lu, le, lo

b) CVCV level- lala, lili, lulu, lele, lolo

Articulation therapy- How to speak /l/ sound clearly

/l/ at the initial level or beginning of the words

Now practice /l/ at the beginning of words, you can check the picture worksheet below and practice one word at least 10 times or more depending on the child’s interest.

You can play games using the same objects or words in the worksheet.

/l/ at the beginning of words in pictures to practice https://speechtherapys.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/1.png

Articulation therapy- How to speak /l/ sound clearly

/l/ at the middle level of words

Here again, you can use the worksheet of pictures and practice the sound in the middle of the words. Through the worksheets you need to practice /l/ in the middle of words e.g. ‘blowing’, ‘eleven’ etc.

You can turn it into play activity for the words you target for e.g. /l/ in the middle, we are practicing blow, we can play with candles, balloons, bubbles, mouth organ and should do the blow activity and repeat the word ‘blow’

Articulation therapy- How to speak /l/ sound clearly

/l/ at the end of words

Take the picture sheet and practice /l/ at the end of words. Gradually sound will become clear at all sound levels . Then we can move on practice it in phrases and sentences in the same way.

Later in simple short stories of /l/ sound and then start talking to your child and ask him to say /l/ clealry while talking. After a few practices, move on spontaneous conversations and observe the difference.

If you find he may require more practice, do not hesitate to practice. It will be clear after several practice.

download worksheets of L sound at the end of the words:


Articulation therapy- How to speak /l/ sound clearly

/l/ in phrases and sentences-

It is good to practice target sound in phrases and sentences with the help of structures sentences. You can check in the picture link and practice /l/ in phrases and sentences.

L sound in words at all sound levels, in phrases and sentences- please open the link below for all the pictures of L sound in words, phrases and sentences.


To get good results you need to do enough practice by repeating or reading through the given worksheet, before you move on to the stabilization and communication.

Articulation therapy- How to speak /l/ sound clearly/

l/ in stories-


Practice /l/ in stories where words starting with /l/ , the target sound in the middle & end come. Read these stories often when you are working on the clarity of your child. Where a child can read, ask him or her to read it while concentrating and speaking clearly the target sound. Check a story with /l/ sound in words. you can use this story to practice it everyday

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