Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Category: Articulation Therapy

Articulation Therapy is the therapy to treat speech sound disorders in children. When a child does not articulate a sound clearly he may substitute, omit distort or add other sounds which makes speech unintelligible. Sometimes it may be clear for familiar people for not for unfamiliar people.
Therapy can fix it in a limited time period.

The strategies  consist of 10 steps:

  1. Tongue placement of Target sound
  2. Target sound at CVCV level
  3. Target sound at initial level in words
  4. Target sound at middle level in words
  5. Target sound at final level in words
  6. Target sound at initial level in phrases
  7. Target sound at middle level in phrases
  8. Target sound at final level in phrases
  9. Target sound at all sound levels in sentences
  10. Target sound in stories
  11. Target sound in structured communication
  12. Target sound in spontaneous communication

Material required

Tongue depressors,





Apps, Etc.

Articulation test is done before the therapy session starts to rule out which sounds needs to be worked upon.

Ariculation test is a test of checking all sounds in the main language of a child. The sounds checked at the beginning, middle, end of the words. Then in phrases, sentences and general conversations.