How Speech and language therapy help my baby?

What is Speech Therapy? How Speech therapy can help my baby?

Speech Therapy is a treatment approach, when someone has any issue related to speaking skills. Many parents ask How Speech therapy can help my baby?

Speech therapy can help your baby by bridging the gaps of speaking for e.g. A child is 2 years old and he has not started speaking his first word.

He may be able to do babbling (chaining of sounds). This means the child’s Language Age is 6 months because normally babies start babbling at the age of 6 months.

So the therapist will work on the milestones that this child has not yet achieved. In this way a child will be in the right path if he/she is hitting all the milestones.

You can check Milestones of speech-language development to get a correct idea of your child’s speech development.

But still you may have a question, that is how Speech Therapy can help my baby?

So there are the techniques through which your child can immediately learn to speak sounds, words, phrases etc.

To develop Speaking skills in children we need to work on Speech and Language side by side.

What is Speech?

 A new Speech is the use of sound by appropriate joining of the letters into words when you use all articulators and muscle movements. 

Speech is the identity of a person which indicates what a person is and what the person wish to be.

It is a way through which we communicate, express our thoughts and feelings and affirm our identity. 

Speech is an important part, which includes oral musculature, articulation of sounds, fluency (rate of speaking- slow or fast), breathing coordination .It is the way to express language through the coordinated muscle movements.

What is language?

Language is a set of rules through which a person can express his thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way to communicate.

Even if a person cannot speak, he can show his understanding and express through nonverbal means at his best though his language.

The language includes- Age appropriate vocabulary, phrases, sentences, using them spontaneously in day to day life in a manner so everyone can understand easily. answering of questions, narrating and understanding of stories, sharing events etc.

What is Communication?

Communication is the biggest part where using of language with another person in terms of staying on the topic, taking turns, communicate according to the situations, use of proper body language, maintaining of eye contact with the proper presence of  fluency, tone, accent, articulation etc.

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