How to do Speech-Therapy at home easily?

These are the techniques to amplify and alleviate your child’s speech and enhance their language skills,

  1. Listen to them
  2. Talk about day to day things
  3. Reading stories
  4. Increase Awareness
  5. Park time
  6. Family time
  7. Attending social gatherings
  8. Practice vocabulary

Listen to your child

These DIY Speech-Therapy at home techniques help in developing speech without spending more time in the clinic. This can tell you how to do Speech-Therapy at home.

First and most important task for parents at home is to hear their child, and not just listening and leaving. You should get engaged yourself with the topic, your child start. Ask questions, answer the child’s question, keep this conversation normal, emphasizing much may leave your child anxious.

Through listening anxiety levels go down by taking the lead of the child it is easy to expand his vocabulary by staying on the same topic. You can make a sentence by the word used by your child and increase the length of sentences by modelling method and it helps in boosting language skills.

An example of a simple conversation

Child: Mom, Max has taken my car

Mom: Oh, he wanted to play with your car.

Child: He has taken

Mom: where he has taken?

Child: Home

Mom: Did he take your car to his home? Yes?

Child: Yes

Mom: Don’t worry, he will return your car tomorrow.

Here you can see the child is using one or two words, most of the time. Mother is using sentences of 6-8 words.

The child is listening long sentences and listening helps in memorizing and then develops recall memory, which leads to vocabulary and language development.

Talk about day to day tasks

Techniques which can save your time and money are here. Parents and caregivers should talk to their child on a daily basis because through talking you share your experiences with them. The child listens to new vocabulary and their uses.

They come to know ‘what to speak and when to speak or how to speak etc. You can speak when your child is bathing with younger children, sing songs while you are giving them a bath. choose any rhyme for e.g. ‘This is the way I rub soap, rub soap, rub soap and now I am clean’ or

‘This is the way🎼

I brush my teeth, 🎼

put paste, put paste🎼

brushing up and down,🎼

spit spit, 🎼

my teeth are clean’🎼

Reading books: How reading books help in speech therapy?

Reading books everyday is easy to do it yourself Speech-Therapy at home and if you are reading regularly for 20 days, it becomes your habit to read and your child’s habit to listen story everyday.

It boosts vocabulary, language, cognition skills, auditory skills and memory. Choose simple, short books with colorful pictures.

Increase awareness: How to make my child aware?

Showing and telling them about everything related to daily activities increases awareness of children. If you are going to a party, tell them everything about the event, place, time you are going, attire they have to wear, whom they are going to meet, what they have to talk, when to greet.

Start discussing at least two-three days prior to that event. Same you can do if you are shifting your house, changing schools, or change of a teacher in school. Make them aware of upcoming stuff and anything that you also feel you want to know before some new change.

While eating food ask about the correct name, how it is in taste, ask if salt is ok? , let them know if vegetable they are eating is winter vegetable or summer vegetable.

This should be an ongoing and regular process to see the desired results.

Park time How park time help children in Speech Therapy

Fix their park time for at least three times per week, and it is good for gross motor activities and fulfill sensory needs. Reiterate park vocabulary till the time you feel the child has started using it without any verbal help.

Give a running commentary while they are playing e.g. ‘can you please give me swing’, ‘I love slides’, ‘I am scared of ants in the grass’ , ‘come let’s do race’ etc. Including these kind of sentences and words in daily workouts for language development will show up in the spontaneous use after a few weeks.

Family Time: How family time improve vocabulary of a child?

Once in whole day this majorly important task for speech therapy at home because when we sit together we share about our day, we ask questions, we show our emotions and discuss what is good or bad and how we behave with our family. Involve children in family time.

Try to stay happy during family time every day and use vocabulary that your child can understand and he needs to learn. Watch TV together, sing songs, do fun, show love towards each other. What you model during family time, you will see that your child is becoming the same he observed. So the easiest task to do at home.

Social Gatherings: Why attend social gatherings important for children?

Attend social gatherings with your children, to develop awareness and social skills. When children attend and meet extended family and friends, they learn from the relatives and friends because they meet children of their age group and older cousins and learn many things from them.

We all are busy in our work life but we should always think about our baby’s social development which enhances social vocabulary, language and communication.

Practice: How to practice speech therapy at home?

Don”t forget to practice Speech Therapy half an hour every day as suggested by your child’s Speech-Language Pathologist. Make picture books, albums, buy story books, show video stories, keep toys for practice time. Make a cozy corner for practice with sensory lights, light music, cozy mattress or mat, so that your child love to sit there for a half hour.

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