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Congratulations you have a baby. This period is full of excitments along with mixed emotions. Sometimes you feel your baby is looking like father or father’s family sometimes like mother, mother’s family. In the same way you starts noticing behaviours of your little one. Each parent wanted to give their best to make their child super duper in every field.

I would like to share some tips through which children can become more alert and active starting from the day one.
1. Start talking to your baby from day one. Children listen to all the sounds, they are familiar with most of the sounds especially voices of their parents because they started listening when they were in mother’s womb. Hearng of an unborn starts before second trimester ends. So when you welcome your new born baby and talk to him or her, they definitely startled with the voice of mother. This is my own experience with my both kids. Ask for feeding, ” do you want to have dudu”
“Do you want to sleep now” etc.
2. Play with hi every day and start making different sounds for eg. Going for general checkup tell your baby ” let’s go for a car ride and make a sound of the car bhrrr” . You feel oh no how can I do that much I am feeling weak and this is difficult to do immediately. My dear now you are a parent, a responsible parent. See when you sit for feeding that is a good time and talk when you and baby both lying on the bed and baby is awakened.
3. Sing songs when Baby is taking a bath. Sing ” baby is bathing..bathing bathing, bubble bath, soap soap soap now water water warm water. Come on lets wipe and wear nice clothes. Now my baby is happy. You can sing while doing any activity. Show so many smiles all the time. Stay happy and positive
4. You can increase or decrease activities according to you and your child’s sleeping schedule. Don’t stress yourself to do this all. Take proper rest, diet and relax. You just have to play when you and your baby feel the need.
But this is my experience these activities make your child super aware of the environmental sounds and listening starts developing very well.
Stay tuned, I will be sharing hundreds of ideas for developing smarter kids based on my own experience and as a teacher and therapist I have observed growth of thousands of children. Many of them are in college now.
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