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Social stories are the best way to train correct behavior in children with autism. It is a tool for exchanging the information through pictures and sentences.We convey, our children about how to deal with the situations which are difficult and enhance social communication

The main reason to use a social story is to give a child an understanding of an event to make them prepare for the upcoming situation. It can help people with ASD in developing a new social skill.

They learn to express themselves socially according to the situation.

Here are few case studies where I have used social stories to train a child to deal with the situation

A child who is 8 years old. He has a good understanding, vocabulary and language skills and can communicate many things of day to day life. He can express in schools and at home

This boy is not able to express about his favorite activity.

When he wants to do his favourite activity, he throw tantrums instead of expressing meaningful language.

He is playing on the iPad for longer times and battery goes down, he is anxious soon and immediately starting to cry and use the following sentences:

“Oh my God”, “iPad needs to get repaired”, “we need to throw it now”. “It is no more” etc.

He gets troubled, cry and doesn’t listen to his parents and family members. He doesn’t let to put it on the charge.

As a Therapist I made a social story to tell him the correct way of dealing. Social stories enhance social communication.

Download this story and practice-

How to use the social story-

First step is to show an iPad with lowest battery and pretend in front of him-

Oh my iPad battery is down

What should I do now?

Should I cry?


Let’s get the charger and put it on charge

Say.. let’s do something else,

let’s read or let’s play with the toys or some other activity you can choose, take the child’s lead

After using the same activity, showing the expression board and show that you are using low battery iPad and your are fine with it, you are going to put it on charge. The child started understanding day by day through the social stories and start social communication

He got the full understanding in a fortnight time. When I am shown the story after two weeks, he said “You don’t worry, go and charge your iPad”

We can stop using the story once the child start handling with the situation, by using social communication skills. 


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