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stammering treatment

Stammering is a fluency disorder which occurs in early childhood and remains till adulthood if not treated. Due to stammering, a person mat stuck, repeat or prolong the sound or syllable in words. How to deal with stammering at any age is similar because the reason is neurological. A person finds it hard to speak with a flow.

The reasons of stammering are;

  1. Breathing coordination problem
  2. Overactive speech motor activity
  3. Underactive auditory processing
  4. Hypotonic oral muscles
  5. Anxiety due to any reason

Breathing coordination problem

We all breathe all the time while eating, sleeping, drinking, and speaking. Due to many underlying conditions such as delayed speech, delayed language, autism, articulation disorders, learning issues etc. Children faces a hard time in learning these skills.

Some children learn to breathe while speaking naturally, but some of them requires help to learn the skill. If skipped at the childhood it continues till the adulthood of an individual and affects socio-emotional part of the life.

How to improve breathing coordination to speak fluently and stop stammering at any age?

You need to do Relaxation, then deep breathing, inhalation and exhalation. Then Phonation exercise, in which first you have to do Phonation of all vowels- aa, ee, oo, o, a. After doing it for a few days or maybe after two days, you can start doing the next step.

In the next step, you need to do Phonation of vowel+numbers= breathing, say-aa, breathing, say-1. Starting from aa 1 to aa 100 is the maximum limit.

Please check the video for breathing exercises along with phonation with numbers.

How to stop stammering at any age step 2: Prolongation

In the next step of the therapy, you need to learn prolongation. Prolongation is the technique to stretch sounds in words and words in sentences. This is the way through which you can learn breathing coordination. It can also help you learn to speak fluently and get out of the blocks or repetition.

For prolongation, choose any book and start reading with prolongation. Check the step 2 video of prolongation and how to read with prolongation-.

How to stop stammering at any age step 3: Tapping

Tapping is the third very important technique to deal with stammering. In this you need to speak with tapping. One tap or one click and say one word initially, when you feel that you can speak fluently with the tapping after one word, increase the words between each click or tap. Follow the instructions in the video. Tapping can be used in the public places, if you are talking at your workplace or in an interview.

These techniques required regular practice, though you may feel confident in your first ten days, but a regular practice of 3-6 months will definitely give good results.

In this step you need to sit with someone familiar with your problem. The familiar person asks questions and you need to answer. While answering you need to follow all the steps- Relaxed, Do Breathing, speak with prolongation and use tapping or clicking whatever is comfortable for you.

How to stop stammering at any age step 4: Answering questions in structured mode?

Step 5: Stabilization of normal fluent speech

In stabilization technique, You need to be alert while talking and remember to use all the steps. Practice everyday in front of mirror. Record videos and watch them. Improve yourself by checking your mistakes.

You can ask anything through mailing or comments or messages, I will definitely reply to your question related to the topic.

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