Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Our team at Spectraspeech are keen to ensure we offer our client’s maximum choice and flexibility when deciding upon which Speech Language Therapy services to take up.

There are a number of options to choose from:

  1. Individual Speech language Therapy
  2. Paired Language and Communication Sessions
  3. Group Language and Communication Therapy
  4. Online Therapy
  5. Parents training and support free and paid
  6. Home programs

We can personalize all the services, according to the needs of our clients. Please contact us for any of the requirements which are even not mentioned here:

What Speech Therapist does when a client approaches for Speech Language Therapy

  1. Fix up a comfortable time and do Screening and Assessment.
  2. Decide the number of sessions per week based on the needs of an individual
  3. Decide the type of session required
  4. Discuss a suitable time according to both a child/ an adult as well as availability of the therapist’
  5. Start Therapy classes as per the decision and requirements.
  6. In the presence of a caretaker or at least one parent, for the first time to build a rapport. However, parents are always welcome inside the sessions.
  7. The Individualized Annual Therapy plan is provided along with bimonthly workplan and reviews.
  8. Guidance is provided to the parents about how to practice the targeted goals and the way to generalize them in spontaneous environment.

Evidence based approaches are used to develop Speech, Language and communication in therapy sessions.

Founder and Director of Spectraspeech is a self motivated and result oriented Speech Language and communication Therapist with a vast experience of more than 22 years, where she has worked with thousands of children and give them voice and language to converse in the universe.

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