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Speech and Language Milestones

         Receptive language                                           Expressive Language

Birth-3 Months

·       Alerted to loud sounds

  • Quiets / smiles when spoken to the child.
  • Recognize familiar voice and quiets if crying
  • Increases or decrease behaviors like sucking, movements of hands and legs in response to sound.

Birth-3 Monthssound

  • Makes pleasure sounds like cooing
  • Smiles when sees familiar faces.

·       Makes sounds when talked to child.

4-6 Months

  • Moves eyes in direction of sounds
  • Responds to changes in tone of your voice
  • Turn towards toys that make sounds
  • Pays attention to music by quieting down.

4-6 Months

  • Starts babbling that is chaining of the sounds, including p, b and m
  • Giggles and laughs
  • Vocalizes excitement and displeasure Vocalization with intonation.
  • Makes gurgling sounds when left alone and when playing with you.
  • Responds to his name when called


7 Months-1 Year

  • Enjoys games like peek-a-boo
  • Understands “no-no.”
  • Turns and looks in the direction of sounds
  • Listens when spoken to him
  • Recognizes words for common items like “water”, “shoe”, “come”, or “cup”
  • Begins to respond to requests (e.g. “Come here” or “Want more?”)


7 Months-1 Year

  • Babbling has both long and short groups of sounds such as “tata upup bibibibi”
  • Uses speech sounds to get and keep attention
  • Uses gestures to communication (waving, holding arms to be picked up)
  • Imitates different speech sounds
  • Has one or two words (hi, dog, papa, mama) around first birthday, although sounds may not be clear

2-3 Years

  • Knows about 50 words at 24 months
  • Understands differences in meaning (“go-stop,” “in-on,” “big-little,” “up-down”).
  • Follows two requests (“get the toy and keep in the basket”).
  • Listens to and enjoys hearing stories for longer periods of time
  • Knows pronouns such as “you,” “me,” “her.”
  • Knows descriptive words such as “big,” “happy.”


2-3 Years

·       Has a word for almost everything. Says around 40-50 words at 24 months

·       Uses two- or three- words to talk and ask for things.

  • Uses k, g, f, t, d, and n sounds.
  • Speech is understood by familiar listeners most of the time.
  • Often asks for or directs attention to objects by naming them.
  • Speech is becoming more accurate and meaningful.
  • Strangers may not be able to understand much of what is said due to clarity.
  • Answers simple questions.
  • Begins to use more pronouns such as “you,” “I.”

·       Uses question to ask for something (e.g., “My mamma?”).


               3-4 Years

·       Understands functions of the object

·       Understands differences in meanings (stop-go, in-on, big-little) .

·       Follows 2- and 3- part commands

·       Recognizes time in pictures and all the major colors.

·       Answers simple “who?”, “what?”, “where?”, and “why?” questions.

·       Comprehends comparison sentences.

·       Able to comprehend the simple present and future present.

·       Comprehends demonstrative nouns-this, that and there.

·       Has a 1,200-2000 or more receptive vocabulary


3-4 Years

·       Uses language to express emotions.

· Uses nouns and verbs most frequently.

·       Is conscious of past and future.

·       Sentence grammar improves, although some errors, still persist

·       Appropriately use is, are, and am in sentences

·       Tells two events in chronological order

·       Talks about activities at school or at friends’ homes.

·       People outside of the family usually understand child’s speech.

·       Uses a lot of sentences that have 4 or more words.

·       Usually talks easily without repeating syllables or words.

·       Has a 800-1,500 or more words expressive vocabulary


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