What are reinforcers?

Reinforcers are the favorite things about anyone. We all need some kind of reinforcement after hard work and mainly after doing something good. During speech therapy classes I make child sit and take an interest in the activity.

I do conditioning of the child for e.g. If he blows 5 times he will get a sticker or star ⭐ on his hand, which he loves too much, he has blown more and more to collect more stickers.

Another child has some sensory needs and he loves to jump, I give him jump 5 times and come back once he or she performs the targeted activity according to the expectations.

Reinforcers may be different for each child and some children have the same choices.

Kind of reinforcers.

1. Eatables
2. Toys.
3. Activities
4. Stickers.
5. Free minutes
6. Short Videos of rhymes and stories

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