Making new friends

Making friends is a task for introvert children and children with social communication issues. There are lots of ways through which we can train our kids for making friends and to enhance socialization skills. Each child has a different way to approach peer group and communicate their inner self.

Some of them easily run on the track, but many of them need a coach and lots of practice. Most of them are the winners after getting help from a coach rather those who were able to run on the track with their own high confidence.

Do not hesitate in providing a social communication mentorship to your child. In any case this is going to improve his communication in a larger group in making himself contingent and confident in the life.

We need to help them how they can go and initiate conversations which leads to good friendship.

Here you, can you find a simple, short conversation which you can practice before going to the park to train your child for initiating communication.

When you take your child to the park. Ask your child to go and talk to another child. Give them a simple sentence to go and
Say “hello” everyday to a child who is coming to the same park.

After few days give a new sentence, to go and say to the same child, he was wishing everyday.
  “Can I play with you?”
check the worksheet to practice-“initiating communication in the park
Now Make a picture chart and write sentences if your child can read. Add pictures if he is comfortable with the pictures
Everyday teach the same sentences to your child. Go to the park and ask to use the sentences in the park with the children.
Add new sentences according to your child’s and situations need and practice beforehand everyday.
Practice for a month and see the results. Do not forget to let me know through the comments.

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