We can add activity of playing with the transports e.g. “Car”,”Bus”, “Aeroplane”, “Train” etc.

Car says “Bhrr” and at the same time make the car run on the track made by you. Ask your child to repeat car sound.

Now play with the “Bus” toy and tell him the sound “Bus”-“Beep beep” . You can also sing Bus rhyme to him or show one of bus rhyme on your Laptop e.g.”wheels of the bus..” is one of a famous rhyme . Say “Bus” many times when he is watching that rhyme. Ask “What is this?” Initially you need to give answer also but through regular practice and generalization I am sure your child will start repeating words, not only repetition he will start expressing them soon.

Another toy is “Aeroplane”- “Zoom” fly it up and down and say “Zooooom”. Your child might start repeating “Ooon” that’s perfectly ok for him.Sing at least 2 lines of “Aeroplane” rhyme (Aeroplane aeroplane up in the sky

Aeroplane aeroplane flying so high)

Up, sky, flying, high- New words for him.

Every time you are singing any new word do actions e.g. Slide your hands up show him flying action etc.

“Train” – “Choo-choo” in the same way you can with this toy and

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