Language development for kids

What is language and why it is important to develop a language of your child?

Language is a combination of letters, words, phrases, sentences in combination of your thinking.  We use words and sentences to communicate in our daily life. For e.g. if we meet someone we say ‘Hello’, ‘Hi’,  Good morning and say Bye when we departed.
We use words in the form of sentences to express what we want to do, before speaking we think it in our mind. This is all language.
Language is of two types
1. Receptive language
2. Expressive language
Receptive language is the language which includes all that we understands our mind for e.g. my name, the names of all the things that we use that we use in our day to day life,  we see and understand what one person is doing, where he is sitting, how to wear shoes, why I have to climb stairs etc. etc.
 Expressive language is the language that we express verbally in which we use our words to comment, request, gain attention, greet, ask, reply, to make friendship, to play, and many other things.
So language is the most important thing. We use language all the time, and make our life easy and interesting.
The language has many stages of development of learning to smile, cooing to one word to phrases and simple sentences then to complex sentence.
What if my child is lagging behind the list of normal milestones and not reached even on the first step of language development?
Don’t worry first check the list of speech milestones from zero to 4 years old.
If your child has speech sounds and he can understand everything at the age of one, but the first word is not there yet. Then it may start a little later but you should always use the techniques to develop language of your toddler through play activities and normal talking. By 18 months children should use around 50 words and minimum 20 meaningful words.
If your child is two years old and he has not started speaking a few words,but understanding everything not much worries, but please stay alert you should start working with your child
On his vocabulary skills. By 24 months children should be using 200 to 300 words and minimum 50 meaningful words and they start using phrases by joining two words
If your child is more than two years and has not started speaking, you can follow all the activities given here. By 36 months most children use more than 500 words and up to 1000 words.
 It is recommended to consult Speech and Language Therapist.
Here is the list of some strategies taken from the book
I have used in my own speech therapy sessions and achieved  wonderful results with almost each child. 
1. Playing with bubbles activity:
Watch this Video bubble play
2. Start playing with animal and their sounds
Animal video-
Buy farm animals from Amazon and play with them- here is the link to buy


3. B sound is the basic sound and bilabial sound you can say /b/ and ask your child to repeat the sound. Let him touch your lips while you are saying b. Then ask him to say b on your hands. 
B sound in words video-‘


Start with these simple activities and practice them for a couple of weeks.  Share your feedback and ask if you are facing any issues.
 I will reply you and help you.  Give you further strategies through my next post. 

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