What toys should I buy for my child


A toy is an important object because of which caregiver/parent/teacher and child come together and interact in a good way where language enrichment happens. the toys are related to different developments

  1. oral motor development
  2. fine motor development
  3. cognitive development
  4. Social and emotional development
  5. Language development
1.Ball Blowing toy and set of blowers
oral motor development
Blowing provides strength to oral muscles and to the whole system involved in breathing, phonation and speaking. In this whole system included organs are- diaphragm, lungs, mouth, tongue, vocal cords, lips, cheek muscles. This is the best exercise for Speech development, articulation skills, clarity of speech, stammering. For stammering it is the best and important one. even for whole speech development blowing exercises are very very important. So go ahead and buy RVM wooden toy a and set of blowers for your child.
2. Chewytube-
oral motor development
Chewy-tube is very much important if there are oral sensory issues, in case your child has mouthing issues, drooling, hypotonic muscles (oral musculature weakness) this is required. This is not a toy but can be used for oral sensory needs. There are color and sizes available in this which depends on the age of child and you can ask me through comments or through a mail.
3 Grizzly woodden intelectual game
fine motor development


This is a very nice game for eye hand coordination, for learning shapes, colors and child can learn different vocabulary through listening and repeating name of colors, what is the shape, give me, fix it, correct, do it again etc. children love this game and they can sit for longer times while playing this game.
4. Action words-
Language development


This is also a vocabulary builder by picture of verbs. verbs are the base because once your child knows all the verbs, it can foster sentence making. My level-2 Therapy includes verbs and verbs in sentences which helps children in speeding up language development and soon children reaches on the story level once they achieve level-2 therapy activities.
I will get more ideas for the toys which are good for your children. Please write back if you feel that these ideas were some of help to you.

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