Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023



SpectraSpeech gives a chance for every child to learn words and use them to express and communicate in a world of more than 7 billion people by helping parents through the plans and programs given in the posts section below.

​Children hear 30 million words at their early years. The power of those 30 million words gives a proper speech and  language development.

​SpectraSpeech is here to empower parents through motivation and learning how to help their babies when they are developing, but when they are just 3-15 days young.

We provide training to  mothers of infants so that they can learn how much to talk and what to talk with their babies.

Toddlers home training program so that they can hit their milestones on time and there will be no delay at all and they develop super bright skills to perform better in their elementary years.

Home program for delayed speech and Language due to any reason.

1. Hearing impairment

2. Autism

3. Articulation

4. stammering


6.LD etc

Perfect Partnership of parents and Therapist