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Articulation Therapy

Articulation therapy is a specialized form of speech therapy that focuses on improving an individual's ability to pronounce speech sounds accurately. It is commonly used to address articulation errors, which are speech sound mistakes that can affect the clarity and intelligibility of a person's speech.

Steps of  Therapy- Assessments, Sessions, Awareness, Discrimination, Home practice, and generalization. 

Generally 1 or 2 sessions per week required for children. However, it depends on the need of each individual.

Receptive and Expressive

Language Delay

 We find out the current Language age of a child and plan age appropriate Language Therapy sessions to bridge the gap. 

Receptive and expressive language delay are two common speech and language disorders that can affect children's communication development. Receptive language refers to an individual's ability to understand and comprehend spoken or written language, while expressive language relates to their ability to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas, and needs through speech or writing.

Receptive language delay occurs when a person has difficulty processing and comprehending language. Children with receptive language delay may struggle to follow instructions, comprehend stories, or understand the meaning of words and phrases. This can lead to challenges in school, social interactions, and daily life.

Expressive language delay, on the other hand, involves difficulty in expressing one's thoughts and ideas verbally or in writing. Children with expressive language delay may have trouble forming sentences, using appropriate grammar, or finding the right words to convey their thoughts. They may also struggle with word-finding difficulties or produce sentences that are shorter and less complex than expected for their age.

Sessions required 2-3 sessions per week, and depending on the need of an individual

Pragmatic Language disorder

Pragmatic Language Disorder (PLD), also known as Pragmatic Language Impairment (PLI) or Social Communication Disorder (SCD), is a communication disorder that primarily affects the social aspects of language use. Individuals with PLD have difficulty using language effectively in social situations, which can lead to challenges in building and maintaining relationships, participating in conversations, and understanding nonverbal cues. Speech-language therapists play a crucial role in assessing and treating PLD, helping individuals develop effective pragmatic language skills.

2 sessions per week required for  Language Therapy.

1 paired and or group session is required to fix Social Communication disorder

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