Social Communication Therapy

Spectra Speech places a strong emphasis on pragmatic language skills. This includes teaching individuals the subtleties of social language, such as turn-taking, using appropriate greetings, and understanding figurative language.

  1. Conversational Strategies: Effective communication involves more than just vocabulary and grammar. Our therapists work on building conversational strategies, helping individuals initiate, maintain, and conclude conversations appropriately.
  2. Emotional Regulation and Social Awareness: Developing emotional regulation and social awareness is crucial for successful social interactions. Our therapy program includes activities to enhance emotional understanding and the ability to interpret others’ emotions accurately.
  3. Peer Interaction Skills: Social Communication Therapy extends its focus to peer interactions via paired and group sessions. Through structured activities and play-based interventions, individuals learn and practice the skills needed for successful social engagement with their peers.

Teletherapy Services: Recognizing the global need for accessible speech-language therapy, Spectra Speech also offers teletherapy services. Regardless of your geographical location, you can now access our expertise from the comfort of your home. Our secure and user-friendly teletherapy platform ensures a seamless and effective virtual therapy experience.