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Welcome to my site! I am Shabana Tariq, founder of Spectraspeech. Since 2000, I have been practicing as a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist in New Delhi India. My focus is on guiding and training parents and caregivers by simplifying current research into easy-to-implement plans. This ensures that you can readily apply my strategies at home with your kiddos.

Speech Therapy in a clinic is not enough for your child. Therefore, I design tailored parents training program for home. Contact if you want Speech and Language DIY activities for home.

About Our Company

Spectraspeech, offers assistance to children and parents in addressing speech and language challenges. Currently we are offering services in clinical and globally Providing therapy online in different states of India,  UK and Ireland We are available

  1. Offline in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India
  2. Online Global

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Our Services

Our Services includes

  1. Parents training
  2. Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Parents training

I provide training to parents aiming to equip them with the tools and knowledge to use 24/7 with their kids and develop language skills faster….

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Oral placement Therapy

If your child continues to have difficulty speaking, despite undergoing daily speech therapy sessions, it is advisable to seek further evaluation. (OPT) is a specialized form of therapeutic intervention that focuses on improving….

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Gestalt Therapy

Is your child repeating whatever you say, singing full songs, speaking whole sentences of Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol etc. As a trained Gestalt Therapist, I provide NLA…….

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Language and communication Therapy

Your child can speak sounds and a few words but has limited vocabulary or your child
has a large vocabulary, but not using it spontaneously….

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Online Teletherapy

This is a Myth that Online Therapy is not effective.Online Therapy is as effective as an offline session because I taught kids during COVID….

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Social communication Therapy

Social communication therapy is a specialized intervention where we train indivduals to communicate confidently in a paired or a group session.

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If you are worried for your child’s Speech and Language Development. Don’t wait and hesitate, Book an appointment now. I am easy and approachable for parents.

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Parents of Aryan

Shabana is a highly specialized professional. She always gave a clear scientific reason behind the use of Speech Therapy tools

Ms Singh

She is a calmer one, sweet with kids and parents. Good thing she never says ‘Impossible’ to autistic parents and always said ” your child will be fine”. She gave lot of hope to us and today our child is off the diagnosis.


When I joined Shabana’s therapy after COVID, I was so worried, after joining her classes suddenly my worries went away because the feedback she gave on a daily basis made me a therapist mom. I am learning a lot from her.


We have joined online therapy for our son recently. Highly recommended